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Come and visit our incredible escape room right in the centre of Cracow.
Let us lock you up and try to find the way out.

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What is it?

An escape room game

If you like solving puzzles and you think faster under time pressure, this type of entertainment will be perfect for you!

You will be locked in a room, and your task will be to get out in 60 minutes! That’s right, TIME will be your biggest enemy! Search through the room, find clues, connect the dots and complete the tasks that are waiting for you! If you can do that before the time runs out, you will escape.

If you are stuck on a puzzle during your game, you can always ask for a hint.

60 minutes

That’s how much time you have to escape.

2 - 5 players

Solve the puzzles together to get out of the room.


You can get 5 hints during the game.

from 99 PLN

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Team building with a hint of rivalry

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Get locked up for birthday

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

Will you escape before the wedding?


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